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Amin Salamat Pharmed Company started its activity in Tehran in 2018 with the aim of producing pharmaceutical supplements. At present, it has a manufacturing license for more than several complementary products from the Food and Drug Administration, and a number of these products have entered the Iranian pharmaceutical market.
Amin Salamat Pharmed has taken a step towards its development and growing movement by a professional team and hopes to be one of the top of Manufacturer of pharmaceutical and dietary supplements in Iran, relying on its capabilities.

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Amin Salamat Pharmed has been set up by a professional and expert team with the vision of creating one of the best units for producing effervescent supplements in the country and has taken steps towards its development and growing movement, hoping to rely on its capabilities. It can be considered as one of the top manufacturers of pharmaceutical supplements in Iran.

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Consulting unit : Amin Salamat Pharmed’s free consultation allows customers to choose products with confidence. In this section, nutrition experts answer customers’ questions about introducing, selecting and consuming products, as well as suggesting appropriate solutions to potential problems.

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Since cooperation is one of the most important principles of Amin Salamat Pharmed Company, we joined the most effective and specialized manufacturers to produce products for healthy living.